Girls love glitter!!

What girl doesn’t love glitter and all things sparkly!!  Miss Eva certainly does!

Back in October you will recall us saying that the next stage in Eva’s multi sensory bedroom was the painting!

We had wanted to paint Eva’s walls with a glitter effect somehow so we did a bit of research and from what we could see it would be rather messy and time consuming to do ourselves!  We knew that the sensory room in church had a glitter effect so we set out to find out how and who did this!

We found out that the sensory room had been painted by D Robinson & Son.  We contacted David for advice and he was more than willing to come, talk with us, see Eva’s room and help put us in the right direction.

David came round one night, measured up Eva’s room and showed us a product that he could use to paint Eva’s room just the way we had dreamed.  We were amazed!  This product, called Ilumitex, was just unbelievable and the colours we could have picked from were phenomenal!  David then told us that his company, D Robinson & Son, were going to paint Eva’s room free of charge as a donation from them.  Wow! This totally overwhelmed us as this paint was not cheap at all.

So David and 2 of his staff, William and Dale, came and painted Eva’s room and this is what happened.

We love it and more importantly, Eva loves it.  We are so grateful for these guys taking a few days out to do this for us so thank you again. We would definitely recommend these guys for any painting and decorating you may need done. Their work is excellent and extremely tidy workers.  We will be having them back for sure!

Check back soon for the next update on Eva’s multi sensory bedroom.

Sleepy time!

How Miss Eva falls asleep…somehow she gets all the teddies around her head & loves falling asleep chewing baby kitty’s arm!! She makes me laugh, love her!


Work In Progress!!

Eva’s multi sensory room/bedroom is well under way! We are excited as it starts to take shape.

It all started with these packages arriving!


These packages included fibre optics, a bubble tube, 5 way switch, a bubble tube plinth and acrylic mirrors for around bubble tube. Eva loves lights and falls asleep every night with her mirror ball going and now her fibre optics. They create a nice relaxing atmosphere!

We then got Eva’s room measured up for soft play mats as Eva loves rolling on the floor. We wanted somewhere safe for her to enjoy rolling, playing and enjoying her lights. Eva’s mats were designed with a raised edges around them so that Eva could not roll off and be safe. They have just arrived and here they are…..


We love them and so do Eli and Eva. Very girly and bright! Thanks to Moorings Mediquip, they were measured specifically for Eva’s room and fit perfectly.

So we are getting there. We are now waiting on the paint arriving and that is the next stage! That will deserve a post of its own so keep an eye out!!

Update on Marathon

You will remember us telling you about some amazing people running the Belfast City Half Marathon to raise money for Eva.

Well, we met with them to receive the fundraising money and they raised a massive £1300.

We are so so thankful for them and to all who donated and supported them. We are now at the stage to order more equipment!!

Update on Eva’s room coming very soon.


You are a Star!

So Eva got pupil of the week this week in her class at school! Proud moment for us! She has taken really well to school and they love her there. We have been really impressed with how natural the school process has been for Eva. Yesterday she came home with a library book, and on Friday past she had been making scones in HE!! She did end up with the scone mix around her, but the fact that the teaching staff try to make school life as regular as possible is amazing.

Her award was for good sitting in her new chair, and reaching for things. Not your mainstream achievements, however, the school recognise that for Eva this is a big thing and they are ready to celebrate that. I like that. It could be easy to look at it and dismiss it as being a simple thing, but they didn’t.

2 and a half weeks into her school life and she has already got her first award. She’s going to do better than her daddy!

Eva Beth: Star Pupil of the Week!

Eva - Star Pupil of the Week
Eva – Star Pupil of the Week

Coffee Morning

Some of you may know that we held a Coffee Morning on 7th June this year to fundraise for sensory equipment for Eva. We wanted to be able to transform Eva’s bedroom into a Multi Sensory Room where Eva could enjoy playing, lights, relaxation and rest.

Sensory equipment comes in at a very high cost and we wanted to try to raise some funds to help us along with this.

WELL….we were totally blown away by people’s generosity and hearts wanting to help our little girl. We had a brilliant morning. From before 10.30am to after 1.00pm we served tea, coffee, juice, scones, buns and many many other delicious goodies, all kindly donated. We had one piece of equipment there, which is our longterm goal but it is very expensive so we want to purchase other pieces of equipment before that which are priority. We were amazed. From the coffee morning, leading up to it and on the day, we raised a massive £3285!!!! Since this event people have continued to help us and been so kind. Honestly has meant so much to us.

Again, thank you to everyone who came, those who couldn’t make it & donated, donated, baked goodies, helped serve and/or helped clear up. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Here are some photos of the fun morning thanks to Becky McKee.

Post coming very soon about how we’re getting on with Eva’s multi sensory room/bedroom so keep an eye out.

Chelle xo