Time for school!

All ready for school

Eva started nursery school yesterday!

What an exciting few days it has been, a lot has happened and a lot of special memories made.

Laying out 2 wee uniforms on Sunday night, ready for the next day, was surreal.  Surreal to think our baby girl is now actually going to nursery, just like Eli.  Such a big step, a step we were unsure if it would ever come to pass when Eva was born.  Praise God!

Eli loves that Eva is now going out to nursery school in the mornings just like him.

Belfast City Half Marathon

Today was also a very special day as we got to watch four people cross the finish line at the King’s Hall, Belfast after completing the Belfast City Half Marathon. They chose to do it to raise funds for Eva.

We were overwhelmed when we were told they were going to run it and when we realised it was 14th September it made it even more special as it was Eva’s birthday.

Standing at the finish line waiting on someone cross over knowing they were running for your little girl was very emotional indeed. The determination in people to get over that line was unbelievable…some sprinting, some limping, some being carried, some walking but all of them celebrating as they crossed it.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Julie McBurney, Michelle Neeson, Alan Carmichael and Carolyn Carmichael!! We appreciate it so much.

Eva turns 3!!!

Well this has been a fun weekend. Our precious girl turned 3 years old today!!

We had a big family birthday party last night and Eva loved it. She loved everyone around her giving her all the attention. She’s one loved little girl.

One precious moment was when everyone was singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and Eva was smiling away at her Hello Kitty birthday cake, her big brother Eli helping her blow out her candle. This was a very different picture than last year, which was only two days after her ptosis surgery and she was very miserable and sore.


What a difference a year makes. We treasure every single day and we are so thankful to God for our wee family.

Happy Birthday princess Eva. Love daddy, mummy and Eli. xoxo


It’s arrived!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

At long last, we have managed to get this blog up and running. It’s something we have wanted to do for a long time, but with one thing and another, never got it sorted.

Eva Beth
Eva loving life!

There are so many people who have, and are supporting us through this journey, that we felt a simple way of keeping everyone up to date would be through a website. We aim to post regularly, giving updates on fundraising, and what we are spending the money on, to help Eva in her journey through life. Every day for us is a learning curve, and we don’t profess to know all the answers, however, we invite you to travel this road with us, and together we’ll have some laughs and shed some tears.

So bookmark the site, share it with your friends, and keep visiting, to find out more about Eva Beth Jenkins!