Work In Progress!!

Eva’s multi sensory room/bedroom is well under way! We are excited as it starts to take shape.

It all started with these packages arriving!


These packages included fibre optics, a bubble tube, 5 way switch, a bubble tube plinth and acrylic mirrors for around bubble tube. Eva loves lights and falls asleep every night with her mirror ball going and now her fibre optics. They create a nice relaxing atmosphere!

We then got Eva’s room measured up for soft play mats as Eva loves rolling on the floor. We wanted somewhere safe for her to enjoy rolling, playing and enjoying her lights. Eva’s mats were designed with a raised edges around them so that Eva could not roll off and be safe. They have just arrived and here they are…..


We love them and so do Eli and Eva. Very girly and bright! Thanks to Moorings Mediquip, they were measured specifically¬†for Eva’s room and fit perfectly.

So we are getting there. We are now waiting on the paint arriving and that is the next stage! That will deserve a post of its own so keep an eye out!!

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