You are a Star!

So Eva got pupil of the week this week in her class at school! Proud moment for us! She has taken really well to school and they love her there. We have been really impressed with how natural the school process has been for Eva. Yesterday she came home with a library book, and on Friday past she had been making scones in HE!! She did end up with the scone mix around her, but the fact that the teaching staff try to make school life as regular as possible is amazing.

Her award was for good sitting in her new chair, and reaching for things. Not your mainstream achievements, however, the school recognise that for Eva this is a big thingĀ and they are ready to celebrate that. I like that. It could be easy to look at it and dismiss it as being a simple thing, but they didn’t.

2 and a half weeks into her school life and she has already got her first award. She’s going to do better than her daddy!

Eva Beth: Star Pupil of the Week!

Eva - Star Pupil of the Week
Eva – Star Pupil of the Week

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